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UpSkill your workforce with our Corporate E-Learning solutions and boost productivity Today!

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Our Corporate E-Learning Solutions

When companies switch to new software versions, the different level of knowledge among the employees is often a sticking point.

We offer up-to-date courses on IT topics such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office, and also on various soft skills. You can start immediately, either via our Instant Learning Server or by importing our courses into your company's own learning management system.

About Us

Faster to success

Thanks to our cloud-based learning management system (LMS), you can start immediately and enroll as many people as you want from one person to thousands of people. If you have your own LMS, we deliver the courses in SCORM format for integration with your LMS.

Multiple languages

The courses are available in English, German and Spanish. For English language courses, you can also use foreign language subtitles. This ensures that all employees can learn smoothly, regardless of their native language.


In addition to predefined learning paths, you can also create your own learning paths tailored to your company's target groups. Use the learning material provided and expand it with your own or external materials to enrich courses with company-specific information.


If you purchase more than one account, you have the option to appoint one or more users as supervisor. As a supervisor, you can view the learning progress while always remaining compliant with the requirements of the GDPR.

Sustainable: Fighting the forgetfulness curve

With our tool, you will achieve a sustainable increase in knowledge – for hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time. State-of-the-art functions and intelligent assistance ensures that you can remember and apply what you have learned for longer.

Simple administration

Benefit from simple participant enrollment and clear meaningful evaluations!

Easy enrollment

As a supervisor, you can create and distribute learning keys. Employees redeem these and they are automatically added to the company. The assigned courses are then unlocked.

User management

If you are a supervisor, you will receive helpful overviews of the already generated learning keys, which provide information about the already enrolled users and their learning progression.


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