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E-Learning for you and your company

Our experienced trainers will guide you through the training content in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner.

Course overview

Choose the courses that suit you best from the extensive range offered!

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Microsoft 365 Apps

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Soft Skills Communication

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Soft Skills Lead virtual & hybrid teams

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For individuals, organizations and companies

Our video trainings meet all requirements for you personally and for the entire company.

Wide selection

Discover over 400 hours of carefully scripted course content in a variety of languages. Meet our engaging trainers with many years of experience as e-learning experts.

Up-to-date content

The range of courses is constantly being expanded. It includes the Microsoft 365 environment, the Microsoft Office Suite and supplementary topics such as the GDPR, computer and network security, and topics on personnel development.

Condensed and efficient

The courses are based on short video segments, mostly with a length of 5-10 minutes each. This allows you to search for specific functions and topics and spontaneously close your knowledge gaps. Or you can proceed chronologically working your way through chapters followed by levels until you have completed the course.

Sustainable knowledge

Get a full 12 months of access to the training you've booked. You can repeat individual videos, chapters, topics or the entire training at any time and refresh your knowledge. Handouts provide valuable support for the content you've learned. You can use quizzes to check whether you have really understood what you have learned. Certificates for successfully completing the course are also available.

Flexible and independent

If you are able to watch YouTube videos on your device, you can also access the courses. No further requirements are necessary. In the background, the videos are optimally adapted to your bandwidth. All courses run device independent.

Multiple languages

We offer all training courses in various languages such as German, English and Spanish. On request we can produce additional languages for you. This guarantees, especially for multinational companies, that all employees worldwide have the opportunity to reach the same knowledge level. Upon request, you can receive our English language content with foreign language subtitles.

Thousands of people learn something new every day thanks to our video courses, including on the following partner platforms:



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